Medical Kits

Medical kits have proven to be a safe, reliable and cost-effective way of managing pharmaceutical manufacturer supplier. Medical kits are known to create long-term positive effects and to provide efficiency in the distribution and practical use of manufacturer supplier.

Trident Mediquip Limited is the world’s largest manufacturer supplier of medical kits to emerging countries. Kit production has been one of Trident Mediquip Limited core competences for more than three decades.

We develop, source, pack and distribute all types of kits in strict accordance with customer requirements. We have a variety of standard kits in our range, as well as the ability to develop all types of customized kits. We encourage dialogue with customers about the development of specific kits, and offer our technical expertise and advice throughout the process.

Purpose Kits

Purpose Kits are designed for a specific medical need and contain everything needed to perform a particular medical procedure. They are often customized to respond to individual customer requirements.

Purpose Kits ensure availability of all products at the same time, they support standardization of procedures and reduce waiting times by increasing the number of procedures that can be completed per day. In addition, we manufacture supplier procurement and provide increased efficiency in supply management and distribution.

Trident Mediquip Limited manufacturer supplies a large range of Purpose Kits, such as Delivery Kits, Caesarean Kits, Diarrhoea Treatment Kits, Medroxyprogesterone Kits or Male Circumcision Kits. We excel in meeting specific tender and project requirements, down to details such as composition, product specifications, packaging, label language, marking, user instructions and training.

Facts About Our Kits

  • We are the world’s largest supplier of medical kits to the public market in Africa.
  • We operate 12,600 m² of GDP-certified warehouses.
  • We have packed and distributed over 1.8 million medical kits over the past five years.
  • We manufacture more than 380,000 large medical kits every year.
  • We have the capacity to manufacture up to 5,000 kits per day.
  • We deliver medical kits to more than 40 countries.
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